Did failures in life stop Frank Cahill?

Life isn’t easy but it is worth living. There are successes and there are failures in everything we do. But the people who persevere despite setbacks are the ones who find success because trying is the first step. If you don’t try, then you cannot get ahead. Frank Cahill Goldman Sachs also has an inspiring life because even though he did fail a lot of times, he didn’t stop.

Frank’s life wasn’t easy from the beginning and there was a time in his life when his finances were low. He tried and tried hard to get a job while going through high school and looking after his siblings. But looking after small kids and having school plus holding down a job isn’t easy. Nonetheless, he did it. There were bad days when everything would go against him and he would be late for work or the day at work would be bad. But he still persevered.

Once he even lost his job and didn’t have any means of supporting himself. There was no rent money and he was on the verge of homelessness. He had to give up his apartment and stay on a friend’s couch for three months before he found a job. Those days were the hardest and Frank would not go back until night time so that his friend could have his space. There was just enough for food like bread and ramen. But he found a job as a server and would be on his feet all day and while he was doing that, he realised that he was going to go to college as he worked part-time. From the remaining money, he did get a tiny apartment in a not so good part of the town. But he continued and finished college. After that, there was no looking back and he began to work in the corporate world.

Frank Cahill Goldman Sachs had difficult beginnings but his failures didn’t stop him from succeeding. In fact, they spurred him on to do better, to achieve more. Each of them were lessons that were important for him to understand and grow personally. Small failures can make you stop or be a stepping stone in life.

The real reason someone fails is because of various reasons.

Rationalizing – Often people rationalize and especially at times when they have failed. But in order to recover and proceed you need to analyse. Rationalizing what happened doesn’t help anyone. It just provides excuses.

Lacking conviction and perseverance – One shouldn’t just quit easily and persevere. But often people find it easier to quit rather than go on. One must do what is needed and resist what shouldn’t be done. Those who don’t have conviction take a simpler middle road, but this won’t lead you to success. You need to take the leap of faith and only then will you find reward for your efforts.

Forgetting past mistakes – One must get over past mistakes but never forget them. They are difficult lessons that need to be remembered so you don’t repeat those again. These slipups are your experiences and valuable teachings.

Bad attitude – A fatal attitude is one that prevents people from accepting their responsibilities. You need to take full responsibility for your acts and work accordingly. You need to understand that you are in charge of your life. Don’t feel as if your life is going wherever it will and you don’t have any control over it. You do, and must make the right choices as per that.

If you consider these attitudes then you will learn that failure doesn’t have to be your stopping point. Instead, it can be your stepping stone.

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