Struggle and Growth of Frank Cahill

You must have heard the name of Frank Cahill Goldman Sachs. Well, to put it in simple words it is an upcoming name in the realm of finance and marketing. It is also going to become a popular name in the world of blogging. So who is this Frank Cahill you may ask? Is he into finance? Is he into blogging or perhaps both?

The story of Frank Cahill starts when he was born in Connecticut, a state in the United States of America. Connecticut is mixture of rural areas and coastal cities, but the early life of Cahill was spent in the small town of Ellington. His father, also having the name Frank, ran a small scale brokerage house in New York City. He used to travel from Ellington to New York in order to run the business. Very often little Frank would travel with his father to his workplace and watch him work. These frequent trips to New York and a strong desire to be like his father piqued little Frank’s interest in finance and trade. Frank was always a very curious child who loved to read and teach and therefore excelled in his studies at school. Following his innate desire to learn more about finance and trade he enrolled himself in a business school where he studied economics and finance.

Accompanying his father to New York had made Frank familiar with the big companies in Wall Street. So when the time came for Frank to apply for an internship he knew he wanted to work with Goldman Sachs. Therefore, he really worked on his application for the summer internship at Goldman Sachs and was one of the few lucky ones to be selected for the same. And Frank made the most of that time. He dived headfirst into the fascinating world of marketing and finance and learnt the tricks of the trade very soon. He was so inspired during this period that he dreamed to work permanently at Goldman Sachs one day.

Therefore after completing his post-graduation studies in London, he applied again at Goldman Sachs. Through sheer hard work and determination Frank got a position on the analyst program with Goldman Sachs. He had accomplished his childhood goal by securing this dream job. The trading floor of Goldman Sachs had a competitive ecosystem with some of the greatest minds and one had to prove their mettle in order to survive in that environment. It was an arena rich with knowledge and taught you something new each day. It pushed Frank to become a better version of him every day and made him a very efficient trader.

While still working at Goldman Sachs, Frank was offered a job by HSBC which seemed very promising to him. So after a long and illustrious career at his dream company Frank Cahill Goldman Sachs made the big switch to HSBC. This new job took him to Asia, which not only broadened his horizons as a trader but also taught him to run his own desk. Frank succeeded enormously and became a well-known name.

However, after working for a decade for large corporate companies, Frank decided to slow down and pursue his interest in blogging and teaching. He always wanted to share his rich experience as a trader with those who needed it. So blogging about his knowledge of trading has given him the opportunity to do both. And although Frank knows that someday he will revert back to trading but for the time being he is happy exploring his newfound passion.

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