5 Small Incidents that Made Frank Cahill Mature Towards Life

Childhood is a vulnerable and precious time. Small children are learning things about the world and their experiences go on to shape the person they will become as adults. That is why it is necessary to let children learn to understand things and people from a young age. After all they have to live in a society that thinks and behaves in a certain way. You wouldn’t want your child to be anti-social. However, even kids sometimes show maturity and do things or say things that are way beyond their age. They also may experience certain things that make them mature towards life.

Frank Cahill also experienced certain incidents as a child that brough in him a certain maturity, for kids of his age. Here are five incidents that impacted Frank’s life.

  • The less powerful aren’t treated the best and power of the mind

When Frank was five years old, he realised that those that are less powerful aren’t treated the best. He saw this in how adults treated children. Children are smaller and are assumed to not understand much. Hence, adults often ignore their feelings and do things which would have offended other adults. The Frank Cahill Goldman Sachs that we know today, built himself up understanding this. And power isn’t just about money, it is about the mind. A smart mind is way more powerful and loads of money. A smart person can utilise money and make more, but a person who isn’t smart about it will lose it.

  • Our gestures speak way more than words ever could

At a young age, Frank realised that people may not always tell the truth in words. But their gestures would always be truthful. For example, Frank as a child would observe his cousins saying one thing and doing another. They would say they would do a chore while shaking their head. They never actually intended to do it and would disappear when the time came start. Such incidents had a deep impact on him as he observed adults’ behaviour.

  • Learning and change

Another thing that Frank noticed as he was growing was change. There was constant change in life and sometimes people didn’t want to go with it. His neighbour was working in a company that introduced computers at the workplace. Mr. Wallace didn’t want to work on computers and believed that he would be allowed to continue as he was doing now. He had spent more than two decades in the company. Then one day his mother told him that Mr. Wallace had lost his job and they would be moving town soon. They had discussed about computers, as his own father was trying to learn using it.

  • Exposure to adversity

Certain kinds of exposure to adversity during the childhood can make children understand effort and hard work. His distant uncle had lost his leg in a car accident and he was emotionally in pain at that time. He had come to live with them for a while and he would get angry at little things. He was out of a job even when he recovered. And then one day he saw his father take him somewhere. After that day he found a job and soon in months he had his own successful business. Frank was exposed to adversity indirectly in what his uncle went through and learnt that things could be turned around.

  • Understanding diversity

One lesson that was imprinted on Frank’s mind was an incident with children from a different race. His school had a program through which kids from an underprivileged school would visit during Christmas. He saw people from different races that day, but understood that they were young kids just like him and played with them. Frank Cahill Goldman Sachs has learnt these small things and implemented in real life scenarios.

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